A Much needed break!

It was a regular day at work when we decided that we really needed a break and what better than the mountains to feel relaxed, and so we just packed, booked our train tickets, called up a home-stay and left for Pachmarhi. We had nothing planned on what to do there, where to go, what to see. I guess that’s the beauty of travelling, you never know what you will discover, and in the process we discover a new us. Travelling has done that to me. Ever since I started travelling, it made me feel alive and every trip I take, I discover something new about me, something I never though I was. So, anyways we did not have much expectations from the place, but as it is the only hill station Madhya Pradesh has and as it is close to Jabalpur we settled for it, and I am so glad we did.

We reached Pachmarhi around eight in the evening and we had no idea on how to reach our home-stay or where it was. We talked to the locals and luckily they helped us, we booked a gypsy and left for the place. Pachmarhi coming under the forest department does not allow public vehicles to enter in the forest area, so one has to book a gypsy that would take you to all the tourist spots. You can either book the whole gypsy or share it with other tourists and split the cost. We reached our home-stay, it was in the cantonment area, the place belonged to some retired army officer, a part of which they had converted into a home-stay.We were thrilled to be there and started exploring the place, it seemed a bit spooky with flickering lights along the pathway which led from the gate to the house, but that was the theme it was based on. It had old British-style cottages with fireplace, a small garden in front of the cottage, each named on the people of their family, an abandoned tree-house which looked more scary at night. We settled, had dinner and went off to sleep, excited about the next day.

Evelyn’s home-stay, Pachmarhi

In the midst of a dense vegetation, a home-stay with flickering lights is from where our adventure began.

The next day, we all got ready and were excited to explore the place. The gypsy guy came to pick us up and it was all so amazing, the open gypsy, the songs playing, we dancing, the breeze blowing through our hair and the mountains around us. All the work stress we had just blew away with the wind. The first day we visited a couple of temples for which we had to do a bit of trekking. We climbed up and down, fell a few times, helped each other a bit and laughed at each other a lot.


By evening we all were so tired that everyone decided to go back and rest but some of us were not done yet. We just went out wandering on the roads, as it is said that you haven’t seen a city unless you have walked through it. It was Ganesh Chaturthi time when we were at Pachmarhi, and we were lucky enough to be a part of Ganesh Visarjan, where we danced till we were out of breath. All tired and soaked in colours, we came back to the cottage had dinner and went off to sleep.

We went to a couple of places the next day, my favourite of all being B-Fall. It was a waterfall for which we had to go down a lot of steps and it took us around twenty minutes to reach there. The place was amazing only too crowded. I would recommend to visit Pachmarhi on a weekday if possible, this eliminates the crowd and gives you a more peaceful atmosphere. The boys with us went mad, threw away there clothes and just ran towards the waterfall. We spent around two hours there, clicking pictures, playing, bathing and finally left when started to feel hungry.


The serenity of Dhoopgarh.

The next stop after lunch was the sunset point, Dhoopgarh which is the highest view point in whole of Madhya Pradesh. This place was the most peaceful place I had been to in months. It felt like this was what we all were searching for, the reason why we came here. Watching the sun set I realised how endings can be beautiful too. We sat there gazing into the horizon for about an hour.  

That evening we had planned to do a barbecue and believe it or not that was my first barbecue ever, so I was way too excited. We raided the local vegetable market there, and bought everything we thought would go in a barbecue.


As it was a dense vegetation at the home-stay the barbecue was done inside our room in the little fireplace we had. We did a hell lot of work, set up the fireplace, peeled, chopped, prepared and finally after a lot of struggle prepared few things that were, lets just say, edible.
That was our last night there, everyone sat around the fireplace, we sang, danced, enjoyed, laughed, made fun of each other, got to know each other and ourselves better, and slowly dozed off and that is how our weekend and getaway both came to an end, leaving with us just the memories and A LOT of pictures for lifetime.


Shadab · June 14, 2018 at 10:59 am

Would love to travel this place.

    sheistravelling · July 11, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    august-september onwards is the best time to visit.. do get back if you have any questions regarding this. 🙂

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